Beverley Sharpe

Profile Updated: May 24, 2010
Residing In: West Vancouver, BC Canada
Occupation: Meat Inspector/Disability Advocate
Children: Jackson Marshall born Jan. 6, 1992.
Allison Marshall born July 9, 1994.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I spent one year at UBC, two years at BCIT, travelled a little, then was offered a job as a Meat Inspector whilst training to become a nurse! As a poor student, I chose the steady, albeit odd work as a Meat Inspector for the federal gov't. I am the only vegetarian on staff!
My children are my passion. My son, Jackson, will be attending University this fall and I am very proud of him. He is very kind and has done some great volunteer work. A neat kid who likes to spend time with his friends.
My second passion is my work on two important court cases(Auton and Hewko) regarding Autism treatment for children. The Maragaret Mead quote,"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." is something I live by.
My daughter is a remarkable example of what Autism treatment, called Applied Behaviour Analysis, can do to ameliorate the symptoms of this neurological condition. My daughter has learned to speak, dress herself, do household chores and, in short, she has a good and fulfilling life.
The road has been difficult, as a single parent, but the rewards of hard work, commitment to others, and prioritizing what is "right", are fulfilling. I am humbled by those I have met who struggle to do right by their children and families, as I am continually inspired and fuelled by individuals I meet who go the extra mile to help others, who live successfully with disabilitiies, and who work hard to make this country a better place in which to live.

School Story:

I used to sit with with Michele Hawkes, Andrea Hawkes, Allison Parsons , Mya McLeod and Karen McDonald beside the tennis courts for lunch. Being included was special for me, and helped me feel I had a place in High School. They were wonderful and good friends to me.
Wayne Lind, our perennially pleasant and joke-telling friend who is dearly missed, was a regular on the tennis courts.
Shelagh O'Donovan and I had many afternoons singing away to the Beatles tunes, and Michele Hawkes was always ready with a smile, a laugh, and funny story.
Michelle Hawkes and Bruce McConnell are like family to me and my children for which I am very thankful.
Thank you to all who attended the Grad reunion. Holly Novak, Angela Zimmerling, Susan Parker, Rene Peterson, Diane Damkar, Tanya Micenko, Alan Tin were just a few of the very kind and lovely people that I was able to re connect with - a wonderful event.
Thank you Rita Beiks, Brent Hunter, Carol Williams and Mike Pederson for all the work you put into this elegant and interesting evening.

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Beverley Sharpe has a birthday today.
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Beverley Sharpe has a birthday today.
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Beverley Sharpe has a birthday today.
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Beverley Sharpe has a birthday today.
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