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10/03/09 10:50 PM #5    

Bernadette Landers (Saville)

after we had out street party and you 2 sneaked away we ened up at Cathys house down on yew street there where a few of us there it was great. got home I think the clock said it was 4:30am wow I can not belive I made it that late yes feeling a bite sleepy today as I sit at work all I want to do is sleep. carol loban put up some pictures on facebook they are great, I will get mine up this week, please if u took pictures lets get them up so I can get them and put on a cd and also so people who could not attended can see what they missed. 30 yrs wow and we still look great. looking forward to seen everyone soon.

bernadette landers saville

10/04/09 09:29 AM #6    

Cathy Marumoto

What a FANTASTIC night, and at the perfect venue!!! Congratulations to our Reunion Committee for a great job in putting it all together and letting us rekindle some old friendships! (For some, it even took us back to our early elementary school days!) Who knew that a few of us still had the energy to carry on till the wee hours to make it a 24-hour day, but it sure was worth it! Great to see everyone still looking so youthful and in good health! Here's to our next 10 years... let the party carry on! Cathy

10/04/09 01:58 PM #7    

Robert Nissen

Great work by the organizers for a very fun reunion night! My wife enjoyed it even more than her own high school reunion! I really appreciated Mike's eloquent speech early in the evening. Particularly special was talking to people I didn't see at the 10- or 20-year reunions. Yes, the venue was so appropriate - thanks to those with the right connections. Saturday my wife had QM-FM on, and at 1 PM they played "Come Sail Away"! If you still haven't had your Styx fix, you may listen to the full version of the song at

Suggestions? For those of us who start the workday early on Fridays, a Saturday evening would allow us to stay longer than the 12:30 AM that we did. Not enough time to catch up with all; a more informal reunion halfway between the 10s may be worthwhile. I should have more time to help organize the next one. Great to see and talk to you,

10/04/09 09:31 PM #8    

Bruce Hogarth

Great Reunion, well done!!! Everyone looks great. In my humble opinion we are The best looking grad class of 79! We are very classy bunch.

Our 30th reunion was by far the most enjoyable of the three unions. I have great memories from each! I was so blown away by how very positive everyone was, plus how gorgeous all of the ladies looked, wow.

Thanks to everyone on the organizing committee for such an incredible time, awesome job!
I am so glad I didn't miss it. Thanks Rita, I owe you one!


10/05/09 08:51 AM #9    

Paul Harstone

What a great night, and a fantastic place to host the party. Thanks to all who put this great evening togethere. At one point I looked and it was only 10:30 the next time I looked it was 3am. Thanks Jan for driving Paul and I back to my place. can hardly wait for the next one.

Mike Harstone

10/05/09 09:13 AM #10    

Kevin Breakingbury

I had a great time and like everyone elses comments a big thanks to the people who arranged this, Mike P thanks for the message. Kelly Glass thanks for your thoughts. For those who didn't come, I hope to see you there the next time. Sorry if I didn't get a chance to talk with you. I got home at 4am :P yikes.

10/05/09 01:03 PM #11    

Jane Edmonds

Carol Williams you rock! You should hire yourself out as a reunion planner. You know what I was thinking? We should combine the classes of 1978 and 1979 next time (maybe in 5 years). Would that be a planning nightmare?

10/05/09 02:06 PM #12    

Carol Williams

Thanks Jane, you did a fabulous job on the website. I don't think it would be a planning nightmare to combine the classes of 78 and 79, it would be a challenge.... I think that the whole class of 79 would have to agree to it as it is their reunion and the organizing committee is there to put on the function that they want.

10/05/09 10:28 PM #13    

Judi Trudel

Really was great seeing so many faces........lots of memories with the slide show and music. Thanks to all who organized the event. I am posting pics up on the facebook site. Does anyone else have photos to contribute?

What about a get together in 5 years??...on the beach??

10/06/09 07:28 AM #14    

Lisa Drechsler

Thanks to all who put this together. Mary and I had fun. I am glad I brought my partner because my life is this moment not 30 years ago. That way people can see where I am today. I don't know if that make sense. Anyway we both had fun and we are both thankful to the efforts everyone put together to make this happen. Thanks so much!

10/06/09 10:23 AM #15    

Rob Twaites

I to would like to thank you all for an awesome evening!
To the organizing committee - You Rock!! Who would have thought we would still be interested in each other some 30 years after the fact. You couldn't help but feel the nostagia after watching our slide show, chatting with each other and reliving our years at Byng. Those Adidas shorts (LOL) and stubby beer bottles!! Great memories of some really good times with an amazing collection of people.

I must admit that going into the evening I wasn't sure what to expect or who to expect...but I know now that 7 hours just wasn't enough time & ten years in between is too long. Until next time Byng Grads of 79.

Kelli Glass...Stay strong. We pray for you!

10/06/09 10:49 AM #16    

Robert Nissen

Speaking of Kelli Glass, the latest update in the media (may need to copy and paste):

Very inspiring effort by her on Sunday at the CIBC Run For The Cure; all our best wishes,

10/06/09 06:36 PM #17    

Angela Zimmerling

I'll add my heartfelt thanx to the organizers of the 30 year reunion. Eric and I had a great time. The venue, the organization -- all was absolutely fantastic.

I truly struggled with the decision of whether or not I should/wanted to attend -- I wasn't a 'social-butterfly' in high-school. And I think I wanted to leave those years behind.

But I'm glad I jumped those shadows. I'm glad I had an opportunity to meet so many of you again. To learn a bit about your respective journeys.

Everyone looked great too...

Anyway, who knows where the next ten years will lead each of us...I'm so glad I attended...

Just want to wish you all 'the best'...

And again -- to the organizers 'Wow...that was too cool, far out and nifty man!!"

(now if I can only get that Styx song out of my head!!! Even tried listening to it on Youtube, thought that would 'cleanse the brain...' My son (Snotty Jr.) was not impressed-- the computer has speakers and I played it LOUD)

10/06/09 07:37 PM #18    

Jean Owen (Elwell)

Let me add my heartfelt thanks to the organizers, and to Mike P and Carol G for their perseverence in standing at the podium long enough to wait for a pause in the exhuberance.

I noticed that, for me, there was the same feeling of anticipation, mutual support and pride that seemed to fall upon us during the last half of our senior year. The angst of adolescence dissolved and what remained in its place was a nostalgic feeling I haven't quite duplicated since (except briefly on Friday night).

So thanks, everyone! See you in ten years!

10/06/09 09:27 PM #19    


Brent Hunter sounds as if the Class of /79 really has some life in it yet - out till 4:00 AM?

I had an o'dark hundred flight on Saturday to catch for YYZ or I might have joined you.

Thanks to the many people who put so much time into this's been great fun working with all of you.

If you see anyone who was unable to attend please encourage them to sign into this sight (thanks Jane!) and at least provide a contact email. This is the building block to whatever we want come next.

I'm very proud to be associated with a great group of LB Grads from 79....and to have learned the wonderful and amazing things we have gone on to do.

For all the parents.....please encourage your children to be smart, respectful and hardworking.....I need some one to pay for my old age pension!

Look forward to the next time.


10/10/09 08:45 AM #20    

Tony Weinberger

Considering the fabulous success of the evening, I would like to second the suggestion of a 35 year reunion!

I also think an informal gathering next year would be a nice touch.

Lastly, just wanted to state the obvious...we have a wonderful graduating class!

10/10/09 10:26 PM #21    

Kathy Horan (Demic)

Thanks so much to all those who organized our reunion. I didn't go to the earlier gatherings but I knew I wanted to go to at least one reunion in my life. Well...I think I'll be going to more! I had such a great time and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everyone. My husband Mike (who is from Serbia where they don't do this sort of thing) also had a lot of fun. I can't wait for the next one.

10/14/09 01:59 PM #22    

Lisa Ammundsen (MacNaughton)

Thank you to the Grad Reunion Committee. You did a fabulous job! It was amazing to see how great we all looked!

I was wondering if the slide show was going to be posted somewhere or if it could get emailed to us.

10/14/09 02:13 PM #23    

Jane Edmonds

We'll let you know as soon as possible with regards to the slide show!

10/14/09 06:36 PM #24    

Angela Zimmerling

Okay so...I've gotta do this...

I vote we nominate ourselves 'One of the Best lookin' most youthful Lord Byng Grad Classes Ever to Hold and Attend a Reunion'....

10/20/09 09:26 AM #25    

Robert Nissen

Motion seconded.
All in favour?
Opposed if any?
Carried unanimously!
(In agreement with Robert's Rules of Order, of course.)

11/25/09 11:50 PM #26    

Jane Edmonds

Merry Christmas Everyone! Don't forget to mention this website to any classmates that didn't make it to the reunion.

02/12/10 07:04 AM #27    


Brent Hunter

Congratulations Anil Singh - Olympic Torch bearer #16 on the last day of the Run....

Great run Anil!

04/15/10 06:59 AM #28    

Rob Twaites

I was just wondering if there has been any progress made on putting our Grad slide show on discs for everyone. It could be a good fundraiser for our next gathering... I would pay to get a copy and I'm sure there are even a few out there that would pay more not to get copies...

Hope everyone is doing well.

09/13/10 09:04 AM #29    

Robert Nissen

A special thank you to the organizers of last Friday's 'mini-reunion'. It was quite a fun night and I actually had a chance to chat with most of the attendees. It's certainly easier to recognize people after a one-year gap vs. 10 years, but also great to see faces not seen since school days (secondary and elementary!). Good food and very pleasant ambience too.




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